I didn’t want to. It terrified me, but… for that moment, I loved him.

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Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too. So I stayed in the darkness with you

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Apparently 6x06 they come back.

DAMN I WAS CLOSE. lol. predictable. but angst. yess. stupid show.

“Froggy leg cream.”

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people are legit hating on elena for wanting her memories of damon erased so she can actually exist FOR ETERNITY without being wracked with agony and sadness and grief and to also stop herself from biting people/possibly killing them. 

like. i swear. if she’s not on her knees sucking damon’s dick at all times, people will trash her.

oh ok fandom.

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it’s   true  ;  and   so   will   be   E V E R Y   W O R D
   i   say   to   you   for   the   R E S T   of   my   life
i ’ m  n o t  a s k i n g  f o r  f o r g i v e n e s s  .  .  .

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it’s a fucking superhero show. it shouldn’t be that sad, man.

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